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Research Keywords: The Free Keyword Research Tool

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It's become more and more necessary to research keywords if you're planning to rank for a certain term. There's lots of keyword tools out there but the problem is that the best ones cost a fair bit a month - so unless you're using it a lot and making some money from it (SEO consultant etc) then it may not be worth paying. You can use free keyword tools but you've got to find a good tool that'll show some good keywords for your term. The Research Keywords tool uses Yahoo, Bing and Yandex's suggest feature - meaning that it shows you good relevant keywords you can use without having to manually go through and research them all yourself.

So why do you need to research Keywords?

Search engines look at text to see what's in it - and they try to find keywords in the text to summarize what it's about. If you've got a few articles that go into depth about a certain keyword then Google will see that it's relevant for that. If you've got some good links pointing to those pages from other relevant sites/pages - then you'll rank for it. You'll want to research keywords to see which words to scatter throughout an article as Google uses co-occurrence to check relevancy - meaning it's looking for other common keywords related to the main one. So using keyword research effectively will make your content seem 100% more relevant in Google, whilst still keeping it's flow and readability (usually increasing experience) for the visitor.

The main object of free keyword tools (and paid ones) is to save you time. Sure, you could do everything the tool does yourself - looking through articles seeing what the top-ranked articles use - but that would take too long. So here's a keyword tool to research that will save you hours.

You can pay companies to do all your keyword research for you - but this would cost a fortune - companies can charge $5000 + a month for such services - so if you know the basics, you'll be able to save some money.

How To Use Research Keywords dot net

To use the keyword suggestion tool, simply enter your main keyword or topic (you can enter more than one at a time) into the box on the left hand side. Then you can select which suggest services you want to use for the keyword suggestion tool. After you've selected from yahoo, bing and Yandex (you can select all of them) - just hit the 'get keywords' button and the keyword suggestion tool will go out to all the different services and compile a list of researched keywords for you to see and copy.

This brings us to the next screen - after you hit the 'Get Keywords' button, you'll see that a box with all the found keywords comes up. You can then copy these keywords to use in an article, or write articles about (depending on your strategy).

When you've finished copying the results the keyword suggestion tool has found - you can simply click 'check more' which will bring you back to the homepage where you can enter more keywords to get more results.

If you seem to get very few results back from the keyword research - this may suggest that you're using a long 'longtail' keyword - to get more results use a more generic keyword. For example 'green medium-sized lizard farming in las vegas' will bring up few extra keywords - so you may want to try something like 'green lizard farming' etc.

Pro Keyword Research Tool Tips

There's some advanced features you can use on the keyword research tool, and when you've got to grips with the basics you might want to give them a try and see how it can improve your research.

Extra Keywords

You can find even more keywords using the tools for keyword research by copying the list you've got from the first search, then pasting it into the tool for keyword research again. This will find more keywords from the one's the keyword research tool has already made. You can do this as many times as you like to produce massive lists of keywords all originating from the one you entered first.

An advanced way of finding keywords for each of your posts using the search keyword tool:

If you enter your main niche keyword (the keyword you want to rank for most) then pick 5-10 of the result of these and add them as categories. Go through each category and enter it on it's own into the keyword research tool. Copy this list and save it - this list is the keyword you want each post to focus on. Do this for each of the categories and you'll have a big list of posts to make for each category. When you're making a post, put the posts keyword into the tool and choose around 5 or so to sprinkle throughout the article as well as the main keyword.

At each point - if you're unsure of which of the keywords to use - put them into Google's keyword planner and pick the ones with the most monthly visitors. (as long as they're relevant)

Look at what other sites are doing

If you're smart you can see what type of keyword frequency is working in your niche - this is how many times a keyword is displayed. If you look at the top few ranked pages for the term you want to go for If you enter in a keyword you know one of your competitors is going for - try and see how many times the results are mentioned on their site - if they're ranking well, it may be a good idea to note this as a % and use around the same for your efforts.